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SMALLSTAR “So my water heater started leaking out of nowhere and I was clueless on where to even begin… Came on yelp and typed in “water heater”… of course I got a lot of overwhelming search results..so who should I call? Water Heaters Only, Inc caught my attention with their 5 stars and huge amount of reviews from others. So I decided to give them a call and I was so glad I did! Dan came out the next day and explained everything to me giving me the various options. Not only was he professional and knowledgeable… he was also quite a great person to chat with in general.  He did an AMAZING job installing a new water heater for me. I would definitely recommend this company and Dan to all my friends and neighbors! You won’t be disappointed because I definitely was not!”

11/13/17 San Francisco, CA Customer: Lisa M. Provided by: Yelp.com

SMALLSTAR“I run a laundromat. Hot water is important… awesome company. Don’t go anywhere else!”

5/6/17 San Francisco, CA Customer: Dee F. Provided by: Yelp.com

SMALLSTAR “Our water heater was dying. I called this morning at 9 AM. The call was answered immediately by a living human who told me that a tech would call me at 10. At 9:56 my phone rang and I spoke with nice guy named John who listened to my story, gave me options, gave me an estimate, and told me that he could be to our place between 11 and 11:30 to check it out and replace (ours was too old to fix.) He arrived at 11, checked out the situation, explained my options again and gave me a price which was several hundred below other places I had called. I elected to do the job, John explained what he’d be doing and how long it would take, and began work. Two and a half hours later we have a sparkling new water heater and I’m a very happy customer.”

4/27/17 San Francisco, CA Customer: Lala A. Provided by: Yelp.com

SMALLSTAR “He was punctual, had all the needed materials. He redid all the piping and
redid the overflow. bill was what was quoted. Nice work. I would hire again.”

4/21/17 Sacramento, CA Customer: Brian N. Provided by: Angieslist.com

SMALLSTAR “Not only was it less than the other quotes I got, but my overall experience was stress-free.”

3/25/17 San Francisco, CA Customer: Karen D. Provided by: Yelp.com

SMALLSTAR “14 Years ago we had a Water Heaters Only 50 Gallon unit installed.  It was a wonderfully well done job.  Everything explained.  Installer on schedule with all equipment.  New lines, safety measures etc. – everything necessary for permit and operation.  The Heater lasted 14 years without problems.  Thus I went to Water Heaters Only for the 2017 replacement.  The serviceman was able to arrive two hours before original estimate.   Installation took place about 2 hours after my call.  I received a newer updated 50 gallon unit, new water lines, all new safety features, everything well done and clean.  Both servicemen were friendly, informative and professional.  Best of all, 14 years later, the cost stayed in bounds of very modest inflation.  I see neighbors get very bad installations that could not even pass inspection.  I wouldn’t go with anyone else.”

1/27/17 San Carlos, CA Customer: William B. Provided by: Yelp.com

SMALLSTAR “First off, they answered the phone on the first ring every time I called.  When your hot water heater is leaking all over the place, you’re really not in the mood to leave a message. They sent out John A. to give me a free estimate.  It all seemed clear.  Much to my surprise, he began work immediately after I accepted the estimate.  He was done a few hours later.  It has been over a week (installed on 1/12/17), and everything works great.”

1/21/17 San Francisco, CA Customer: Brian Z. Provided by: Yelp.com

SMALLSTAR “These guys gave me a better quote by far than others I contacted and were knowledgeable about San Francisco’s special code requirements.”

1/15/17 San Francisco, CA Customer: Jan C. Provided by: Yelp.com

 SMALLSTAR “Timely service, came on a Sunday, service man was professional and seemed to know his stuff.”

12/19/16 Milpitas, CA Customer: Viraj P. Provided by: Yelp.com

SMALLSTAR “My old unit was almost 20 years old so I was a bit concerned about how this job would go.  My old drain valve was totally plugged up so I was very concerned on how to drain the old heater.  Well, everything went smoothly and thanks to Toa’s attention to detail, the install turned out clean and neat!”

12/5/16 San Jose, CA Customer: Mike C. Provided by: Yelp.com

SMALLSTAR “Despite of my worry, Water Heaters Only, Inc. promptly reply my quote request through yelp, and also kindly set up an appointment on the same day.( I sent request on 11/29 1am and they replied first thing in the morning on 11/29 8am!)

11/29/16 San Mateo, CA Customer: Akiko K. Provided by: Yelp.com

SMALLSTAR “It went very well. They answered all questions. It was a Sunday when I called them and the work was done on Monday, Labor day. There was no additional
charge for working on a holiday.”

9/11/16 Belmont, CA Customer: Sylvia B. Provided by: Angieslist.com

SMALLSTAR “They answered our call on Saturday morning, were pleasant and helpful, and we were pleased to get a Sunday installation appointment. They explained why they like the water heater they recommended, and the installer came on time and finished the job as scheduled.”

8/30/16 San Francisco, CA Customer: Barbara B. Provided by: Angieslist.com

SMALLSTAR “…rapidly and succinctly diagnosed the issue and showed me how to add the repair technique into annual maintenance. Additionally he advised another maintenance technique involving simpler materials.”

8/19/16 Belmont, CA Customer: Casey D. Provided by: Angieslist.com

SMALLSTAR “He answered all of my questions completely, did the work quickly and neatly, and even provided some extras. In two hours I had a new water heater installed. All the work was completed within four hours of my original call.”

6/27/16 San Francisco, CA Customer: Thomas M. Provided by: Angieslist.com

SMALLSTAR “On September 15, 2016, Water Heaters Only, Inc. replaced our water heater. The installer was Steve B who did an excellent job. Installation was fast and very professional; in less than 2 hours the job was complete and we had hot water. We highly recommend Water Heaters Only, Inc.!! Thank you.”

4/10/16 Customer: Laura K. Provided by: GooglePlus.com

SMALLSTAR “I called Water Heaters Only, Inc. today to get a quote for water heater replacement. Alex came by within half hour after calling them and gave me a very reasonable quote for a 50 gallon water heater. I asked when he could install it and Alex surprised me by saying he could install the new one immediately as they carry new water heaters in their van. Within 2 hours, Alex installed a brand new water heater with all the required connections and earthquake straps. He also left the area clean. Alex was very courteous and professional.

5/19/16 Customer: Jimmy Y. Provided by: GooglePlus.com

SMALLSTAR “We were very pleased with Water Heaters Only. Steve Burlison was a pro–arrived on time, explained what needed to be done, removed all debris and left us with a new functioning water heater on schedule. We had an issue with water pressure in the past so Steve showed me and how to check it – and how to turn the water off for the upper floor without turning it off for the entire house. We never knew that was an option. All around good service.”

5/16/16 Customer: Cynthia S. Provided by: GooglePlus.com

SMALLSTAR “We have two water heaters in our house. One failed about 5 years ago, and W.H.O replaced it. The technician then was prompt, friendly, professional, and skillful. The unit is still working like new. So when our second unit died last week, we called W.H.O. again. Same experience. Hopefully, that’ll be it for us with W.H.O., since we don’t have a third water heater. But if we have problems again, I would go straight back to W.H.O.

For kicks, I searched out my last review, from December 2012. (So it was 3.5 years ago that the other one died… Memory is fickle.) The failure of the second unit wasn’t dramatic, but W.H.O. did just as well this time as last:
“Our water heater blew up, of course, on Friday night, late. We contacted WaterHeatersOnly and were able to set up an appointment for Saturday morning. The technician was on-time, courteous, and professional. He did a quick, efficient, and correct installation of the new water heater. He worked around our clutter, and cleaned up the work area thoroughly. While I would not recommend nighttime water heater rupture as a recreational activity, WaterHeatersOnly handled the situation beautifully. 5 stars.”

4/8/16 Customer: Robert F. Provided by: Yelp.com

SMALLSTAR “In this day of DIY, YouTube fixes for everything, I accepted the fact that sometimes you just gotta have a professional do the “heavy lifting.” Upon researching who had installed our old heater, I came across Water Heaters Only. Matthew and Kevin W. were super professional and kept us in the communication loop. They delivered prompt service, arrival time updates and options, pros that know what they’re doing and do it quickly and neatly, and take huge care of customer relations, instruction, and follow up. Fair and honest pricing, great service, and neat, clean work! It turns out Water Heaters Only installed the previous heater 10 yrs ago! Well done again guys! Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a hot shower waiting….. ;)”

4/3/16 Customer: John K. Provided by: Yelp.com

Mike C 1063765 1-27-15               Kevin West Customer 11-17-14               Mike C 1063464 1-15-15

SMALLSTAR “Installation was quick and easy. Just exactly what I needed in the midst of a very busy day. Steve Burlison was my technician on Monday 3/7 and I appreciated his explanations and efficiency. Glad that is over with!!”

3/10/16 Customer: Louise D. Provided by: Yelp.com

SMALLSTAR “Steve Burlison from Water Heaters Only (WHO) fixed my broken water heater on President’s Day 2014. I couldn’t believe his professionalism and his quick work. He completely installed a top of the line water heater and made sure that it was seismically up to code. I loved the professionalism of Water Heaters Only SF. I called in a panic on a Sunday (Valentine’s Day nonetheless) trying to find anyone to help. All the places I called were closed but that goodness that WHO was open. Angela, the receptionist on the line was completely helpful, she allayed all of my fears and walked me through the process, making my worries melt away. I cannot recommend this business more. Still nearly a year later and the water heater is in excellent condition.”

1/16/16 Customer: Patricia M. Provided by: Yelp.com

SMALLSTAR “Water heater blew up last night, and that means a cold San Francisco shower in December. After researching online and weighing DIY options, we decided to play it safe and call the number on the heater, thinking at worst we needed a new thermocoupler. Water Heaters Only installed our heater in 2007 and did a pretty good job of it at a fair price. After calling, we were given an afternoon time for the next day, which meant only minimal frigidity.

So Alex B. arrived on time at 2 (with a 1-4 PM window given) and even called before he arrived. The bad news was the whole water heater needed to be replaced, as it was severely corroded and neglected for several years (oops). He quoted $1300. I thought this sounded high, so I told him I would check with the missus first, but really wanted to check some other places first. Turns out Alex’s quote was $100 cheaper than 4 of the other top rated water heater repairmen on Yelp. So I called to schedule Alex to install on Saturday (it was Thursday at the time). The person who answered actually said Alex should be able to install this afternoon, and not only that, he would be able to do it in 2 hours or less, leaving me time to pick up the kids from school.

So Alex came back, did a bang-up job and was very friendly and professional. He finished at 4:58 PM, 1.5 hours after he started, and I was able to pick up the kiddos on time and shower like a first-worlder a lot sooner than expected. Thanks Alex and Water Heaters Only! Highly recommended!”

12/10/15 Customer: Will R. Provided by: Yelp.com

SMALLSTAR “I woke up to a broken water heater on a Saturday and called water heaters only after seeing the reviews on Yelp. They told me they could be out the next day Sunday and estimated the cost over the phone. I called Sears to get another quote and to see if they could come out that day. They quoted about the same and said they could have a technician CALL me on Monday. I called back water heaters only and scheduled for Sunday. Toa arrived on time, polite and professional. He reviewed the scope of the work with me before he started. The quote matched what was stated to me over the phone. He installed the water heater within a few hours and cleaned up nicely.
The following week, I noticed a very tiny pool of water on top of the water heater and called water heaters only to check it out. Toa came by within an hour of my call and fixed a very very tiny pinhole in a pipe for no extra charge. I couldn’t be more satisfied with the service and professionalism that I received. Water heaters only can expect my business in the future, hopefully not for at least 10 years! I highly recommend based off my 1st experience with them.”

12/5/15 Customer: John S. Provided by: Yelp.com

SMALLSTAR “Our installer (Steve B.), called 30 minutes before arriving and was on time. He took a few minutes to provide a final quote for a new water heater which was in-line with the phone estimate. He did not try to upsell me anything and was very friendly and polite. After completing the installation, he cleaned up the surrounding area leaving it cleaner than when he arrived. Water Heaters Only provided great service at a great price (I used their Yelp coupon).”

11/30/15 Customer: Helen G. Provided by: Yelp.com

SMALLSTAR “Called Water Heaters Only on Friday and Steve came on Sunday. He gave us a quick estimate that was cheaper than anyone else’s and completed the job in 2 hours. All in all, a perfect experience.”

11/27/15 Customer: Napoleon T. Provided by: Yelp.com

SMALLSTAR “This morning at 8 a.m. my downstairs neighbor rang the doorbell to inform me that the water heater was leaking into her storage unit and the garage. We turned off the water supply, and I called Water Heaters Only, which had installed our previous unit in 2002. A gentleman named Nick took our address, some information about the old water heater, and promised a repairman between 11 and 1, with a telephone call 45 minutes ahead to announce his arrival time. At 11 the repairman, Loni, called to say he’d arrive within the hour, and he was here in 30 minutes. Affable, knowledgeable, and professional, he gave us an estimate and proceeded to drain the old unit. In less than two hours, the new unit was installed. He checked the faucets in the building to make sure there was no air left in the pipes, and left the garage and storage unit clean. I provided the billing address and information, and was thrilled with the expertise and promptness provided by the company and the repairman. It is my pleasure to recommend the company without reservation.”

10/2/15 Customer: Angus W. Provided by: Yelp.com

SMALLSTAR “Late Saturday night realized our water heater busted so we shut off the water, watched a youtube to learn what else we should do (drain it with garden hose), opened a bottle of wine and decided to tackle it on Sunday AM. Made a few calls, got lots of voicemails and next week appointment replies and then found WATER HEATERS ONLY. Catching name says it all! The very helpful person who answered, asked for serial & model number and informed us that our heater was 18 years old, had it in stock and that Kevin could be there to install that day! Kevin was pleasant & professional. Will definitely recommend your business!”

9/28/15 Customer: Beth M. Provided by: Yelp.com

SMALLSTAR “We woke up on Wednesday 9/16/15 with no hot water. We thought it could take days to get an appointment. I called Water Heaters Only because they had installed a new water heater 12 years ago and they had put a sticker on the water heater and we remembered that they had been great. We called around 8 am and got an appointment between 10 am and 1 pm! So fast!!! They arrived well before 12 pm. and within an hour Loni had installed the wonderful new heater (order #1071158; 75k Rheem), and our problem was solved! We are very, very happy with the service we received. We also got an extended warranty for free. Loni was excellent in explaining things and on installation of the new heater!!”

9/21/15 Customer: Marc V. Provided by: Yelp.com

SMALLSTAR “I’m going through a hard economic time and of course Murphy’s Law my water heater broke. When the serviceman first came out he was pretty convinced I needed entire water heater repaired. I then proceeded to call the manager Nick who is extremely helpful and even offered if necessary to put me on a payment plan. Today the heater came in and he was running late and I had to go to work so I left the repair man by himself at my home. I thought I could trust him soon thereafter less than an hour later I came back to find the same heater but my hot water worked so I called and the repair man said he found that it was just the line and a couple of bad installations and he made repairs saving me over $2000. This company and these guys that work for them are a class act. This repair man could’ve easily just replaced the entire heater and I never would’ve known it but he was honest he was trustworthy and most importantly he understood my circumstances and did not take advantage. As far as I’m concerned there is no other plumbing company these guys are the best and I recommend them to anyone that needs their services.”

8/27/15 Customer: Carlos C. Provided by: Yelp.com

SMALLSTAR “Really good customer service, same day or next day installation without any hassle. Cost is comparable to other water heater companies and maybe even slightly less expensive. Alex was my installer and he did a really nice job. Keep up the good work!”

8/22/15 Customer: Priscilla R. Provided by: Yelp.com

SMALLSTAR “Recently our hot water went out. Imagine this – it’s a Sunday. You have two kids. Loads of laundry to do. Baths to be had. And no hot water! My neighbor suggested that we call Water Heaters Only and we did. They came over a few hours later and installed a new water heater. Problem fixed. Disaster averted. They were very reasonably priced (and didn’t charge a weekend or rush premium), honest about how to fix the problem and thorough (removed the old water heater and left everything tidier than they found it). I would recommend Water Heaters Only in a heartbeat.”

7/10/15 Customer: Lindsey I. Provided by: Yelp.com

SMALLSTAR “A much better experience than I expected. my 22+ year old water heater failed and after having wasted time messing around with the usual big box home store a friend recommended Water Heaters Only to me. The on-site technician that day (9th June) at my Silver Ave home (1068156), John A., was knowledgeable, and I felt like I understood what he was doing from start to finish because he explained things so well. Time from arrival to turning on the tap to get hot water: about two hours. Old failed heater removed, location left in better condition than he found it (because I’m a slob). While I don’t hope to need their service anytime soon, I”m glad to recommend Water Heaters Only to people who just want to get this done professionally and quickly.”

7/2/15 Customer: Henry M. Provided by: Yelp.com

SMALLSTAR “I called up Water Heaters Only and they sent an installer out on the day I wanted them to come, June 12. Alex showed up on-time and he was thorough with what he was going to do before tearing out my old water heater out and installing the new one. He cleaned up, didn’t make a mess, and super helpful with answering all the questions I had with the installation. Thank you Alex and Water Heaters Only.”

6/21/15 Customer: Tim L. Provided by: Yelp.com

SMALLSTAR “I got the number to Water Heaters Only off the water heat heater I had replaced. It was 22 years old. My water heater was just installed by Steve D and it appears he did a great job. The service was very efficient. He replaced the water heater and some pipes. It cost a little more than what I was expecting but overall it was a painless experience.”

6/4/15 Customer: Cynthia C. Provided by: Yelp.com

SMALLSTAR “I’m very pleased.

The SFPUC water department apparently increased pressure on the main line recently (over 100PSI) which tore up my water heater on Memorial Day. Had no idea the pressure had increased until the water heater broke and my showers started running by themselves – really.

They came out next-day, earlier than the stated time, and had everything needed to replace the water heater and put in a new pressure regulator on the main line.

Steve was very nice and professional – took care of it all and didn’t leave a mess behind either, even vacuumed up the area in the garage where all the work was done. Made sure everything was bolted in place — very well done.”

5/26/15 Customer: Larry C. Provided by: Yelp.com

SMALLSTAR “I needed a new water heater on a weekend. I called Water Heaters Only yesterday and set up an appointment for today (Sunday, May 3). Steve, the technician, contacted me this morning to ask if it would be OK if he arrived ahead of schedule. A good start. When he arrived, he gave me an estimate that was substantially below other estimates. He worked quickly and was friendly throughout. I am very pleased with this job.”

5/3/15 Customer: Robert V. Provided by: Yelp.com

SMALLSTAR “I called Water Heaters Only for my Aunt, Doreen Sustarich, whose home needed a new water heater. The old one started to leak, and we needed help quickly. Loni, our technician, came right on time the next day. He was very quick and professional, and had our new water heater in in two hours! That included replacing the old gas and water lines, and strapping it to the concrete in the basement.

He did a great job, and we would recommend them to anyone who needed a new water heater.”

4/9/15 Customer: Kevin S. Provided by: Yelp.com

SMALLSTAR “My name is Bob Pantzer and today (March 26,2015), Toa, of Water Heaters Only installed our new water heater. We called for the appointment yesterday, received an email confirmation and a four hour timeframe for today’s appointment. Toa called about half an hour before arriving and had the new heater in place and operational within a couple of hours. Before leaving, he instructed me on how to adjust the temperature, noted where he had placed the manual and assured me the water would be at there set temperature within an hour or so. We are now doing a load of laundry. I highly recommend Water Heaters Only. Our neighbors had used them a few years ago and we called them at their recommendation.”

3/26/15 Customer: Thomas P. Provided by: Yelp.com

SMALLSTAR “I needed a new water heater on a Sunday. I called several places and water heaters only was able to do the replacement the same day for a price comparable to its competitors. The tech, Chris arrived early and was knowledgable and professional. He did a great job replacing the heater and flex lines and gas valve. He also installed new bracing. All this in only 2 hours and we had a new water heater! I will definitely recommend them to my friends. Thanks! WHO”

3/8/15 Customer: Anette C. Provided by: Yelp.com

SMALLSTAR “I am so happy to have found this place. First I had service on a SUNDAY. Most plumbers are closed Sunday or charge extra. I was quoted a fair price.

I had to pay a little bit more due to modification, there were some additional issues.

Kevin is a friendly guy with kind eyes. He also came prepped with all the materials in the truck: a Rheem water heater and new flex pipes, he didn’t have to leave to get parts.
He also showed me exactly what he was changing out with what parts because I never had a water heater changed before. This made me feel good about the value of the service and parts. He also gave me a summary of some SF water heater codes to keep things safe and earthquake-proof. The job was supposed to take 3 hours, and Kevin finished early.

I was really worried about having it done asap and I received excellent same day service at a fair price. 2 other places quoted higher.”

2/22/15 Customer: Cheryl D. Provided by: Yelp.com

SMALLSTAR “We had a great experience with Water Heaters Only. Our water broke and we called them on Thurs. They scheduled an appt for us for Fri morning. Tua (sp?) showed up and did a great job. He was very professional and explained everything to me. He had to re-do some of the patchwork plumbing from previous shoddy repair jobs and he did excellent work. Our new heater is working great! I would recommend this business to anyone whose water heater needs work. I mentioned I found them on Yelp and received $35 off the install price. There’s also a coupon on their website to extend the 1 year labor warranty to 2 years if you mention it before they start working on your unit. So happy to have hot water again!”

2/21/15 Customer: Charlene D. Provided by: Yelp.com

SMALLSTAR “Excellent same day service on 2/1/15(Superbowl Sunday!) Not cheap,but very professional,high quality service. Our technicion,Steve Burlison was fantastic.”

2/2/15 Customer: Michael S. Provided by: Yelp.com

SMALLSTAR “I’m impressed with Water Heaters Only – I called on a weeknight with a busted heater, leaking heavily from the underside. Their competitors were closed at 5pm, but these guys took my call and gave me an estimate over phone.

The technician, Alex, arrived (Jan 13th, 2015) at our SF home within the 4 hour install window the following day and took care of removing the old tank, installing new hoses (flexible in the event of a quake), and putting the new heater in place. It all took about 2.5 hours and Alex was very friendly and efficient, just a nice guy. The new tank works great, no more leaks and our water pressure and heat is much improved – I suppose the old tank was on its last legs for some time. Price was reasonable, not the cheapest or most expensive, but with a young family, you need your water back on from an efficient and reliable provider.

Tank is insured for 6 years, labor 2 years, parts 1 year – pretty standard.

Overall very happy, but I did forget to mention that I found them on Yelp which would have saved me $35 bucks on the install. Agh!

In summary, I’d recommend this company for your replacement water heater.”

1/16/15 Customer: Brian F. Provided by: Yelp.com

SMALLSTAR “The man on the phone answered all my questions including why water heater prices and installation were so much more costly than 10 years ago, and I ended up getting an estimate comparable to three others. The work, by Loni, was fast and good, with some extra pipework thrown in. So: 5 stars.”

1/8/15 Customer: Al M. Provided by: Yelp.com

SMALLSTAR “HOA president for a 8 unit building in Hayes Valley. When our water heater failed, it did it in a spectacular fashion. Called on Sat afternoon and someone was out in 2 hours to do an inspection. It’s a special commercial grade water heater, which was luckily in stock and Kevin arranged an install on Sunday. The work quality was superb, all communications was done in a clear manner and Kevin went above and beyond to solve our gas line problem. He stayed late to partner with PG&E to try every solution possible. Plus, they got a very good price on the heater for us! Great guy and they’ll be our first call next time.”

11/23/14 Customer: Fanny C. Provided by: Yelp.com

SMALLSTAR “I had a great experience with Water Heaters Only! My water heater broke Saturday night and I called the company on Sunday to have it replaced. They were able to arrange someone to come in that same day (on Sunday, 11/16) to install a new water heater for me. The technician, John A., was very communicative and professional. He came within the time window indicated and was very helpful in explaining what the problem was, along with the work that he would be doing. He was very thorough with everything and made sure that he answered all the questions I had.”

11/19/14 Customer: Trang L. Provided by: Yelp.com

SMALLSTAR “I’m super-impressed with the customer service shown by Water Heaters Only. When I called, a real person picked up the phone on the first ring and knew how to handle the situation and answer my questions. (Same thing when I called back with more questions.) I reported my problem at 8 p.m. on a Thursday night and Matt arrived around 11 a.m. the next day (8/22), well within the arrival estimate. Matt was courteous and informative, and didn’t complain at having to negotiate the tank through a narrow area. The price was fair, given the labor involved. I would recommend Water Heaters Only to anyone who suddenly discovers that their hot water faucet runs cold.”

8/24/14 Customer: Stefan G. Provided by: Yelp.com

SMALLSTAR “Matt Hoffman went above and beyond in installing our new water heater – He was on time, efficient and made sure the tank was installed properly and made adjustments to do so – The price was the best I could find and from the order to completion a completely professional job”

8/15/14 Customer: Sharon D. Provided by: Yelp.com

SMALLSTAR “I called the on a recent afternoon to inquire about replacing my water heater. I was given a small range of an expected price. We made an appointment for the next morning. Their installer showed up on time, gave me the actual cost which was the middle of the range. He was clean, expedient, and replaced the water heater in 2 hours. Would highly recommend them – cost came in far lower than calling a plumber.”

7/18/14 Customer: Nareg D. Provided by: Yelp.com

SMALLSTAR “After getting quotes from 3 different companies to replace our busted tank, Water Heaters Only, was *the* clear winner for the job. Loni and Benny who came over to check out our mess were great guys. They knew their stuff, they were friendly and they were up to the task. The other companies (I’ll spare the names)…didn’t seem super into the whole customer service thing. Our situation wasn’t pretty, the tank was outdoors, the space was cramped and everything was filthy (the last tank was installed in ’89). Loni went in there and kicked ass with a smile on his face the whole time, he cleaned everything up, and was in and out in a couple hours. We have hot water again. All the other five star reviews you see on this page? Warranted.”

6/24/14 Customer: Shaun R. Provided by: Yelp.com

SMALLSTAR “Our hot water heater expired unexpectedly on Christmas. We called Water Heaters Only and they sent someone out the very next morning. This was our 2nd time using this company. The 11 year old heater we replaced was installed by them as well. We were happy with the service then, too. This time the service man, Dave, proved to be efficient and knowledgeable and did a great job installing the new one. We are very satisfied customers and would recommend them to others.”

12/26/12 Customer: Mary K. Provided by: Yelp.com

SMALLSTAR “I came home after a long day and found my basement full of water…my water heater was leaking. I called WATER HEATERS ONLY at 4:00 PM and they arrived around 5:00 PM. Steve, the technician, was very polite and gave us great service. He installed our water heater within the time he quoted us. We recommend WATER HEATERS ONLY!”

12/13/12 Customer: C.R.G. Provided by: Yelp.com

SMALLSTAR “The gas control on our 20+ year old tank flamed out. Steve from Water Heaters Only was out within two hours, spent all the time I needed talking with me about what probably went wrong, recommended a new unit, answered all my questions, and went to work. He spent the day there, and the installation was clean and we’ve got hot water. Nice guy, solid work, price was 10% less than the other quote I got. Thanks, Steve.”

3/27/12 Customer: Todd F. Provided by: Yelp.com

SMALLSTAR “Really happy with the service we got. The 20+ year old water heater was dead. They gave us a reasonable estimate on the phone. The job was a little more complex due to access but they stayed within the quoted range despite spending about 4 hours on the job. Steve was great. Explained what he was doing, kept the space clean… He had to move some heating ducts a little to get the water heater in and when he left, all was in better shape than before he got there. Great job. Reasonable price.”

1/3/11 Customer: Neil B. Provided by: Yelp.com

SMALLSTAR “Our 100 gallon water heater went out and we got 3 quotes from three different companies (make them quote in person!). This one was by far the cheapest, yet the company seemed the best.

I met two employees and both were very knowledgeable and seemed to like what they were doing. They gave me a great price and included a ton of extras.

One of the guys told me that the company was like the “Mob” of water heater companies. They work in 5 states, which, I imagine, is why they have such great prices (buying power). They installed a domestically made Bradford White water heater and told me they dropped the Rheem brand after touring their manufacturing plant in Mexico and seeing the crappy way they treated their employees.

Fast Water Heater Company, on the other hand, was a joke. First, their employee was not very respectful of my neighbor’s property (this 275 pound guy just trampled his stuff on the floor without even asking me to move it or walking around it, then used the neighbors car hood as a desk). They gave a fair estimate over the phone, but when they got here to give me a written estimate, suddenly the price went up $1600 to almost $4000! These were for very minor additions, yet each item would add $39-$220. Water Heaters only did all these things, and more, at no additional cost.”

6/9/10 Customer: Justin G. Provided by: Yelp.com

SMALLSTAR “I called on the Saturday before Memorial Day and they had a guy (“JR”) out in a couple hours. My old water heater was literally rusting out at the bottom, with a nice slow leak. Once he arrived, he looked at the situation and instantly knew how he’d install the new one (it’s a tight space between the wall, furnace, and chimney base)… he was done in under 2 hours and the installation is top notch: 2×4 wood braces with metal brackets and straps for earthquakage, new flex lines put on the hot and cold water lines, new flex line on the gas fitting, new flue cut to size to comfortably reach the chimney, and the overflow valve pipe now drains toward a storm drain instead of the foundation of the house.
He also informed me that in my situation I didn’t need the 18″ riser platform the guy on the phone said I’d need for SF. So that was good news. It wasn’t cheap, but he removed the old beast, and put in a shiny new efficient heater, with excellent results. And I wasn’t one to nickel and dime in that situation; the last thing you need is 30+ gallons of hot water doing naughty things in your house. Thanks, JR! and thanks, WHO!”

5/30/08 Customer: Matthew W. Provided by: Yelp.com

SMALLSTAR “They showed up on time on a Sunday, no less, and did a great job. They even fixed a prior installation on another water heater that was botched by Just Water Heaters.”

4/17/07 Customer: Alan B. Provided by: Yelp.com

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